Mr / BWR Grade Plywood

V.I. MR/BWR plywood manufactured by use of high density hardwood timber, which are strong and resistant to the attack of wood destroying organisms such as Borers and termites etc. Carefully selected hardwood timbers are peeled on a Hrdraulic peeling machine to produce smooth surface core veneers. The core Venners after being mechanically dried, to reduce the moisture content to the required levels, is hot pressed at high temperatures and pressure.

Whereas superior quality melamine urea formaldehyde resin is used for manufacturing MR grade plywood unlike other MR grade plywood, the BWR grade plywood are manufactured by use of phenol formaldehyde resin for an extraordinary bond. The BWR grade plywood after pressing are further treated with fix type of preservatives to make it completely resistant to dampness, humidity and cold & boiling waters.

Applications All types of home and office furniture be it cabinets, partitions, shutters, shelves, racks, false cellings etc.

Standard Thicknesses 4mm, 6mm, 8mm,12mm, 15mm and 18mm.



Tests Std. Values Results
Moisture content 5 - 15% 11%
Specific gravity above 0.5 0.7 to 0.75
Swelling in water - Less than 1%
Glue adhesion test MR 3 cycle imrsn test Excellent
Cyclic test BWR 3 cycle boil test Excellent
Mycological test

MR grade

Ind. min - 800 N

Min. avg - 1000 N


910 N

1090 N

MOE (Grade wise)

Along the grain

Across the grain


Min. avg. 4000 -5000

Min. avg. 2000 -2500


4800 -6300 N/mm 2

2300 -3000 N/mm 2


Along the grain

Across the grain


Min. avg. 30 -40

Min. avg. 15 -20


38 -53 N/mm 2

23 -30 N/mm 2