Marine Plywood

V.I. marine plywood is made from specially selected highest grade hardwood timber having high density and superior bonding capability. The hardwoods used for making a marine ply are not inherently small but are also resistant to borers, climate changes and humidity. Peeled veneers of such hardwood timbers are bonded and hot pressed by using high quality phenol formaldehyde resins for an everlasting bond. Bonded and hot pressed panels are subsequently treated with copper chrome arsenic compounds that make the product totally immune to bacteria, Fungi and other wood destroying organism such as termites and borers. This specific stress relieving treatment also makes the product anti-wrap and dimensionally stable in both wet and dry conditions throughout its life.

Applications V.I. ply marine is most ideal for home and office furniture, door / window panels, luggage racks, false ceilings, bus body building etc. Resistance to fungus, heat and humidity makes it a perfect choice for kitchen and bathrooms.

Standard Thicknesses 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, and 25mm.



Tests ISI Requirement Observed Value
Moisture Content 5% - 15% 8%
Glue Sheer Strength (Dry State) Min. Ind. 1100 N
Min. Avg. 1350 N
1350 N
1500 N
Adhesion to plies Minimum Pass Standard Excellent
Glue Sheer Strength (after 72 hrs. boiling) Min. Ind. 800 N
Min. Avg. 1000 N
1150 N
1250 N

Tensile Strength

Along the grain -

Across the grain -

Sum of Tensile Strength -


4200 N / sq. mm

2500 N / sq. mm

8450 N / sq. mm


5500 N / sq. mm

3950 N / sq. mm

9400 N / sq. mm

Static Bending Strength

a) Modulus of Rupture

-Along the grain

-Across the grain

b) Modulus of Elasticity

-Along the grain

-Across the grain



50 N / sq. mm

30 N / sq. mm


7500 N / sq. mm

4000 N / sq. mm



65 N / sq. mm

40 N / sq. mm


8305 N / sq. mm

4170 N / sq. mm