Know About Our Company

V.I.ply has been a benchmark of quality in the wood industry for more than 35 years. It was founded by Late Shri Sudershan Lal Goenka, whose leadership skills, foresight, managerial proficiency and an uncompromising attitude towards quality has made it a renowned name across India. His pioneering work and relentless pursuit of excellence in the industry has earned him the Chairmanship of CAPEXIL for his effort on plywood export frontier and also the prestigious Udyog Ratna Award from the then President of India, Late Giani Zail Singh.

The mantle of maintaining the brand image of V.I.Ply has been passed to Shri Anil Kumar Goenka, son of Late S. L. Goenka. He pursues the same standards set by his father and has proved to be the right catalyst for bringing the company into the modern age. Having been in the industry for more than 40 years, the knowledge and experience that goes into a V.I.Ply product is beyond compare.



Know About Our History & Process

Plywood was invented about 3400 B.C. by the Ancient Mesopotamians, who attached several thinner layers of wood together to make one thick layer. They originally did this during a shortage of quality wood, gluing very thin layers of quality wood over lesser-quality wood.

Modern plywood was invented, in the 19th century, by Immanuel Nobel, father of Alfred Nobel. Nobel realized that several thinner layers of wood bonded together would be stronger than one single thick layer of wood, and invented the rotary lathe used in plywood manufacturing.